Under Jen Baptist’s direction, and including her creative skills, she developed a Google Site for a team that spanned the Pacific Northwest. Ranging in size between 25-50 team members and having 6-10 sub-teams, the site provided a powerful platform for online collaboration across several states.

This team of people were producing communication courses, both locally and remotely, and working on individual projects. The private site, restricted by Google IDs, included several Calendars, a networked GDrive, reporting Forms, custom coded Sheets providing up-to-the-minute reporting and statistics, and access to guidelines in Docs.

Google Sites Bring it All TogetherIn addition to producing the site, she trained and lead a team that recreated the site every three months, due to team members changing each quarter. With each transition, permissions had to be updated and the leaders of the team and the sub-teams changed. She worked with her team and each leader to improve/alter their calendar scheduling and the functionality of their team’s reporting sheets.

Outside of having the site to capture data, many meetings and website trainings were hosted/recorded on Hangouts to great success. Managing the schedules for courses, meetings, and trainings was seemless with shared Calendars. The weekly reporting and tracking of milestones in Sheets, sometimes by multiple members simultaneously, was magical and effective. Having leaders hosting meetings with shared agendas and co-creating guidelines in Docs in real-time … priceless.

This Site brought greater connection, collaboration and increased productivity to the point of doubling the team size within the first year of use.

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