Hi! I am Jen Baptist … owner and founder of Just Jenuine Creations. In 2009, I was a hydrogeologist working as a project manager in the environmental consulting industry. Physical disability and other life circumstances made my career unworkable, and I recreated myself as the world-known photographer, creative director, and intentional living leader I am today. It was through the process of embracing my physical disabilities that I transformed my life, and I did it all by participating on social media with intention!

Ideal Life
Life Before the Great Fall

In the fall of 2009, my life changed completely, when within 5 weeks … my daughter received a diagnosis of a ‘high needs’ condition and was kicked out of daycare, my marriage ended, my dad died, my employment was suddenly terminated, during all of which I was attempting to heal from a broken leg. I had achieved a lot to get where I was. After a childhood as a foster kid, putting myself through college (twice), and many triumphs over life’s hardships, I felt like I had finally arrived and could afford to put my feet up … spend some serious time in the hammock. In those five weeks, the life I worked hard to create crumbed down, and it was a hard fall to take.

For the first time, I accepted my life just the way it was, and just the way it was not. I no longer resisted my physical state of having sciatica, diastasis recti, inflammatory bowel, anorexia, chronic myofacial pain & complex migraines. I slowed down … and I fully embraced my creative side. I set the intention of being a photographer, knowing taking pretty pictures of nature would inspire me to get out of bed. On July 16th, 2010 I declared myself a nature photographer.

Over nearly a year – a gazillion job applications, a number of classes including business, photography & webdesign, an amicable divorce, and successfully separating my daughter’s life into two happy homes later – I was still without employment and my business was going nowhere. This level of stress caused the worst flare up of my conditions I had ever experienced in my life.

Despite setbacks, both physical and financial, I spent the next couple of years following the intention of being a professional photographer. In 2013, I remember sitting on my couch staring out the window at lush spring flowers, the end of my unemployment long behind me, a bankruptcy complete, living on alimony, my disability claim just denied by the state, my health still keeping me in bed majority of most days, with tears of determination flowing down my cheeks. I then created the intention of not only achieving success  … I promised to find a way to bring other’s dreams to life as well.

Relaxin The Back With Some Light Fiction

In that instant I realized how far I HAD come! I WAS a professional photographer!!! I recalled HOW it became possible for me to manifest my dream of being a nature photographer and to become a social media guru in the process … it all occurred in online communities, while laying in bed, on my smart phone. When my friends and family at home laughed at and judged me for not having a ‘job’, I had community online that believed in me.

As I developed my skills as a photographer, I participated in the G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers, I experienced first-hand how online mentoring and communities change lives, and my mentor Ron Clifford, the Inception Master of The Arcanum, empowered me to achieve my dream of being a professional photographer.

That community motivated me during the times I felt strong enough to go on photo safaris in nature … to hunt my next creation and share it with inspirational quotes. During his Photography and Advanced Photography Mentorships my mentor was able to connect with me in ways I never experienced in higher education and/or in life … he created a space where anything was possible. I needed only to embrace his guidance, which I did with all my heart. It was from his amazing example and my G+ Story  that I became an online mentor. In less than 2 years time, I had invented and self-published an Intentional Planner to keep me focused and was a world known photographer with over 30K followers on my social networks.

Just Great GoogbookweetIn Moved My Stapler AGAIN!

Having a dream beyond myself, in late 2013, I put my Intentional Planner and all of the mental transformative work I completed at Landmark to the test to transform my health to unprecedented heights, I created intentional living communities online, and harnessed the power of social media to train others … as the photographers did for me.

Then in the spring of 2014, I began the Team Management and Leadership Program to expand my business beyond just myself and again, online communities boosted me higher! Beate Chelette, a professional photographer, was seeking in-studio students for her “Turn Your Talent Into a Business in 12 Steps” class at CreativeLive … and much to my delight, I was selected to participate. Investing less than $50, I flew from Seattle to San Francisco and that class not only leveled-up my business, the sharing of my Intentional Planner on live broadcast caught the eye of Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, and they directly offered me the opportunity to publish through them!

Then not even a year after the first, an opportunity from Beate arrived via social media. Right in sync with where I was at in creating my brand, she offered ANOTHER CreativeLive class … Building Your Authority Platform. This time in SEATTLE! We partnered, as senior business leader to social media suave brand ambassador and created a powerful course. It was a huge contribution to my journey. To have the sea I was swimming in set to a system, was a gift. A system, I could not have designed better if I had tried. I had been doing the actions, just lacked the focus. Now having the skills to not only implement what I learned toward my own success, I created a Just Jenuine system to empower others.

Connecting With Team Online

Since then, I have self-published an Intentional Living! Wall Calendar, worked with communities to design several websites, been the social media strategist/photographer for amazing clients, mentored programs on social media, and am the creative director of several businesses. Just Jenuine Creations has expanded, I lead a global media team for over 1,000 people world-wide and my Photo Safaris are available for hire, which brings us all closer to nature and in harmony with our creative expression.

I now know … I have mastered living with intention!

It is in living life with intention that I am not limited to what I can physically do, and I continue my life mission of making an environmental difference on this planet. I see my art as an amazing way to give back, to make a powerful contribution to improving access to clean water and/or water rights in general, as such, I donate 20% of ALL my Fine Art America print sales to water.org. With your appreciation and purchases of Just Jenuine Photography you too will be making a difference … I can’t do it without all of you, and for that I am forever grateful.

You see, the power of intention is in creating a motivational vision of where you are committed to being in the future, taking inspired action, remaining open to opportunities along the way, identifying/owning your limiting beliefs, and embracing the journey. By staying present to where you are moment-by-moment in relationship to where you are going, not how it occurs, and taking full responsibility for the beliefs that created your current state … you have the power to breakthrough the belief and manifest the future of your dreams. It is not a path to walk alone and without intentionally created community in your life, we buy into the beliefs and our dreams fail to materialize.

With my services, you too can create the life you want for yourself, community, and/or business with intention and velocity, strengthen connections, establish your subject matter expertise, turn your following into genuine clients, and truly master the tools of creating successful online authority.

I would LOVE to create with you … share your email & we will schedule time to connect!



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