Seattle Sight

“For what you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing: it also depends on what sort of person you are.”

C.S. Lewis

I am stepping backwards a bit in time for this share.  This image is for the month of May in my 2015 Intentional Living! Wall Calendar and during this last May, I was diligently at work redesigning my website, which I can now declare complete … YEAH!!!  Humongous love and gratitude go out to Melanie Bigalke for her support in the transformation, she graciously opened her sight and aided me in putting my online mentoring into a solid structure and create a website that will move my business to the next level. Thank you Melanie, I could not have achieved it on my own!!!

A year ago I was given notice my alimony was being taken away and I have been working every possible moment towards launching my mentorships into the realm I know is possible and will make a difference for others. I joke, I’ve been working my ass on … in that if I wasn’t in bed recovering, I was working at the computer, and my ass just got bigger and bigger. ;o) The only sights and thoughts I listened to were the ones that came from love and supported my purpose. Being the type of person who believes in dreams fulfilled. Excited to share my success, to show others living intentionally online is possible.

Well, on June 1st when the multiple thousand dollar gap arrived in my finances, and the launch of the mentorship got rescheduled for the fall for the integrity of all involved, I did not see anything to celebrate as a success. My sights turned to providing for my daughter and my survival. Fear took over. People that I created in my mind as believing in me, revealed seeing me as ‘crazy’, judged my choices of pursuing my creations as irresponsible, and declared me a failure.  It was not a pretty picture.

I lost my sight and with that my motivation to contribute to others with my vulnerability. Today, I share this glimpse back in time as a marker of the points when the darkness arrives along our path and we have the opportunity to adjust how we see ourselves and the world we’ve created. Times when we have the choice to listen to how people who live in fear see us and what we are creating or follow our heart and listen to the calling that comes from love. To jump off the cliff and find our wings on our flight down.

In a few short weeks I have closed half of the gap in my finances, and I am choosing to move forward with my intentions/creations. Creating to not only make progress towards my mentoring, I am taking on more client work to cause their online success.

I have faith. I choose love. I forgive fear.

May Image – Intentional Living! 2015 Wall Calendar

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May 2015 Intentional Living Wall Calendar

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Jen Baptist


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