Fruitful Beginnings

“Thought is the blossom, language the bud, action the fruit behind it.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

A day after experiencing the Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the third in a sequence of four, alternating between the signs Aries (I am) and Libra (partnership with others), some in this part of the globe celebrate Easter (rebirth). Another powerful cosmic punch!

The energies of an eclipse are like a tsunami wave, one best peacefully rode with loving attention, and curiosity. This wave washes us through the domain of relationships and enlightens us to their states of imbalance. Balance is best achieved through responsibility, removing beliefs of right and wrong, recognizing all judgment of the other is self-deprecation, and loving the other as yourself/God. Our imbalances are pervasive! Where are they existing in your relationships?

The influences of this eclipse will play out over the next 5 months, so be prepared to look face-to-face with the truth of what scales need adjusting in your life and for changes to manifest in visceral and immediate ways.

It is quite fitting here in the northern hemisphere, the seasonal spring festival of new beginnings is what launches us into this phase of our journey, a celebration with colorful eggs, moon hares, and the cross signifying the balance between feminine and masculine energies. A time for forgiving all of one’s sins, an opportunity for rebirth.

On a personal level, this wave had me surrendering to my relationships to my career and professional success. Events were such, aka I have to do my taxes on Monday, that I planned a full moon ceremony of purging my financial and professional files. It occurred for me, I had a four drawer filing cabinet filled with the weight of my past … I literally had all of my paystubs dating back to my first job at 15, receipts for every purchase, and expense reports from my days of feast or famine consulting. There were many documents that reminded me of times when I was struggling to survive, living pay check to pay check, juggling school and work, carrying huge amounts of credit debt, all to the achievement of working an exempt salary corporate job that failed to compensate for the 60+ hours I invested in environmentally making a difference for this world.

There were annual reviews that sung my praises and letters of termination. I let all of it wash over me and experienced a growing sense of excitement as I removed the pages that reminded me of what no longer are or serve me. Unlike times past, when I went through a similar exercise, I felt no emotions of injustice, no sadness, no self-judgment, no need to hold on to sheets of paper ‘just in case’ … in it’s place was a peaceful state of responsibility. I owned creating it all and at an unprecedented degree, I was proud of my accomplishments.

In addition to liberating my past, I created visions of an abundant future, where my achievements are celebrated, and I bring to life my intentions in this world. Can you imagine my surprise when prompted by one of my online resources to take a look at what house Libra resides in my chart and I discovered it to be in my 10th House? The 10th House is said to be our corporate office, where public appearances are scheduled, and where we plan and receive recognition for our individual accomplishments in life. It relates to our life path, which, if we are lucky, is also related to our chosen career.

So after a few hours of administrative labor and a banker box full of documents to shred, my body began hurting, my neck and back requested I seek balance in rest and I listened. I knew in my heart, I rode this wave like a champion surfer, and I await the coming months with joyful enthusiasm. I am confident in my ability to envision my intended future (I am), communicate it into existence with others (in partnership), and take the inspired actions to bring it to life.

I am reborn!!!

April Image – Intentional Living! 2015 Wall Calendar

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April 2015 Intentional Calendar

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Jen Baptist


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