Rainbow Within

“Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray.”

Lord Byron

If you were living under a rock somewhere, you might’ve missed today held several celestial events. We started the day in our dream state over here in North America, while in Europe they experienced a total eclipse, a super new moon eclipse at that. Then hours later we passed the Spring Equinox here in the northern hemisphere, the beginning of a new celestial year, and the combination of all these events creates a powerful energy.

I have been following many voices on the subject of what that energy is and the influences it brings to our consciousness throughout the last several weeks. Consistently, the messages speak to loving oneself and new beginnings.

The eclipse is said to offer a realignment to our soul promise/purpose. Were you listening? Did you rediscover yours? I did. As part of my training at Landmark’s Team Management and Leadership Program I unconcealed a ‘sentence’ I placed upon myself, a point of view, a lens I see the world through. The mac daddy of beliefs, and it is said to shape one’s entire world. My point of view is that I am unloved/unwanted and am all on my own.

When I listen to this belief, I can have millions of people offering love/support and I will be blind to it. I have it the world sits on my shoulders and I am solely responsible for all that is! What a Downer Debbie, right? No wonder I tend to be alone. Well, after a year of training myself on how to create teams and teamwork, I completed in Dallas with the greatest gift!!! Instead of seeing my point-of-view as a curse to a life of being unloved and alone … I saw that in my presence the world experiences being loved and connected, that my point-of-view is my soul purpose.

I have always believed in free will, that god is love, that we are god … and I was left scratching my head at the state of the world, and especially my life. One of my hobbies, since I can remember, has been searching for the ‘truth’ and exploring paradigms along my journey to answer the questions … ‘why am I here? why is this happening to me?’  Now I have the answer. We come to this life with a point-of-view, one that formed millenniums ago, or seconds, depends on how you see time, and our world manifests from that belief. Events occur to validate it. When we honor that belief we write the script that substantiates it. We imprison ourselves in it.

Well, I not only broke free of that point-of-view out of my training. I now see the purpose of having it … I see that by perceiving the world in that manner, my internal state generates love and connection in the world. I am the source for love and connection on this planet and just as powerfully as my life manifested events to validate my point-of-view, every time I choose to be love and connection, I transform myself and those around me.

This eclipse brought it all in alignment for me. My soul promise/purpose is to be the source of love and connection in this world. I am the rainbow in the storms of my life. And on this Super New Moon of new beginnings the universe has delivered to me new business opportunities that have me connecting others through social media and online technologies.

If that wasn’t enough profound insight for one day, the Spring Equinox occurred hours later, and the energies associated with that event are … committing to our ideal self and the declarative power of ‘I AM’.

Truly, our life experiences are sourced from our beliefs, the world only mirrors what we believe. What we do not love in ourselves, we make wrong in others. What we lack acceptance of, we are irritated by in our environment.  When we choose peace, love, and acceptance, we bring that to life in the world.  When we judge ourselves, disguised as judgment of others, we are validating our lack of self-worth. We get to be right, and we hurt only ourselves.

Without self-love this journey becomes a battle ground, and this is but a journey … one we are all doing our best to navigate. Each of us are here with our points-of-view, pinging off each other, blind. Have compassion. Be curious. Be generous. Be responsible for your point-of-view. Choose Love. That is all there is to do on this journey. Be the best YOU can be!!!

Specifically, this equinox reminds us to be the best we can be and the best will appear in our life!  When we allow (love ourselves unconditionally), then our dreams come true.  With these new beginnings, change is inevitable … by choosing to love ourselves, we are called to make choices that nurture/allow our souls to grow and not sell out to the fear in this world. With every choice of Love, we change this world, not just for us, for others around us.

We are the rainbow!  We are the beam that smiles the clouds away and prophetically declares our world. What are you prophesying?


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