Beautiful Forces

“There is a force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Today’s Aquarius New Moon, at 3:49p Pacific to be exact, packs a powerful force. It occurs just 10-15 seconds before the moon slips into Pisces, then 2 minutes later the Sun does the same, and it is the second Aquarius New Moon this year. The placement is described as being ‘this quality of standing on the still point, on the edge of change, is a major keynote for the cycle, one that will play out in some way in our lives over the next four weeks.’  ~Blue Moon Astrology 

Those are not the only forces at play, there are a few planets dancing in the mix and the Chinese New Year of the Sheep (Goat) occurring tomorrow … in this ‘still point’ much is shifting. A shift within the next four weeks ‘into a paradigm of Sacred Union to heal any karmic lessons you’ve been playing out between the sexes for lifetimes.” ~Moon Woman   With the Chinese ‘Year of the Goat’ (or Peace Sheep) gracing us with gentleness, generosity, patience, and harmony this year promises to be a space to mend ourselves and our lives. Yeah!

Why do I share this? New Moons and New Years are clean slates within the cosmos, holding their individual opportunities, and what we create during this window of time has the power of the universe behind it. The quietness of the moon gives our intentions time to settle into beliefs and as the moon pull intensifies over the coming weeks and culminates with the Full Moon, that which stands between us and our intentions is revealed for us to breakthrough. Having a New Moon and a New Year occurring together, and I also heard this was a Super Moon, oh my … adds extra potential for manifestation.

The key to having your intentions come to life, is to align them with the forces that are at play. So with this New Moon I plant these intentions:

  • I intend to complete my website redesign.
  • I intend to form powerful partnerships.
  • I intend to cause financial abundance.

And with that … it is so.



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Jen Baptist
Jen Baptist


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