Yes, you read that right … I am sharing June’s Intentions at the near end of the month! May had me expanding at such a rate, my overall integrity went out. I took two trips out of state, started a new job, and have been buried under ‘tons to do’. The irony is I have been DOING non-stop since June arrived, just not holding true to my Intentional Planner.

What stopped me? My inner drive to do things ‘right’. I returned from a fabulous CreativeLive Course on how to turn my talent into a business. I was an in-studio student and my vision for my Just Jenuine Creations EXPLODED, I was called to fulfill on turning my Intentional Planner into pdfs that others can fill in, and I took action on bringing into being … and it didn’t turn out ‘right’. No joke. I can’t express enough how hard it is to do your own marketing when whatever you do isn’t good enough for yourself.

The course also made me realize I do not connect enough with my audience, that I share, I do not have conversations online … that I am not doing Social Media, ‘right’. I have so many wonderful ways to grow. And as a step in that direction, I offer the next iteration in transforming my Intentional Planner into a tool for others to use. The image below is a snapshot of a pdf I filled in with Adobe Reader and I am playing with turning into a Word file too.

Given June is almost over … stay tuned for another share soon that will dig deeper into all that I have been doing to fulfill on these intentions. After that, expect to experience more opportunities to converse with me online! Heck, don’t wait … share your feedback on what you’d like to see this Intentional Planner develop into or connect with me in general. I would love to hear from you!!!

June 2014 Intention Share


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Jen Baptist
Jen Baptist


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