Wow, these monthly introspections pack a punch! April was a period of expansion, time dropped in showers and sunbreaks … and I gained much in the way of leadership skills. Every week I reached out and requested powerful people to contribute to what I am creating, to form partnership … to help me. I’ve got many people that believe what I am creating, in many areas of my life, is a great idea and very few who are taking any real action. I’ve even encountered disappointing breakdowns in partnerships with people that were once committed. This ‘asking for help’ business is for the birds. I am being more intentional in my wording in May. ;o)

Oh boy, did I share my life this month! Inviting friends and family to watch me sing with a band, thereby transforming a childhood experience of being laughed at while singing solo for the first time. Even asked for and went on a ‘date’. Friends joined me on night’s out and team mates lodged in my home for courses/trainings. All huge steps and great FUN!!!

Although finances has physical therapy on hold, I did in fact step up my at home workouts … and my abs are ‘stronger’, way stronger than before, just not fully healed. Whooo Hooo!

I can not put into words how miraculous doing this Intentional Planner is. How just by placing my intentions in writing and declaring them to the world, all of the experiences I need to transform that which I focus on manifests in my life (good or bad).  Sometimes what it takes is the loss of something to achieve what we are after, although not pleasant … truly necessary. It’s a bit spooky at times, I do not daily read what I intend to let go of and/or manifest, honestly that page gets buried in the journal … then at the end of the month, when creating these shares, I clearly see I took bold appropriate action and have accomplished what I intended. It never fails to amaze me how powerful our word is in pulling the universe towards us.

As I step into May … I let go of:

  • How I see people, no one is truly how I see them.
  • Having to get everything done by … yesterday.
  • Financial scarcity.

I intend to manifest:

  • Partnership.
  • Prosperity.
  • Passion.

April 2014’s Completions:

  • Continued Physical Therapy on my own … unstoppable.
  • Was Course Manager for an Advance Communication Course in Seattle, which included leading several teams.
  • Mentored clients in G+ and Community Building.
  • Released a live performance photoshoot.
  • Completed my business taxes!
  • Sang with a Live Band.
  • Had team mates staying in home.
  • Recorded, starred in, and assisted produce a video inviting people all over the world to join a community to strengthen their voices in social media.
  • Was a room captain for a loving introduction.
  • Went on a date.
  • Hosted and produced a Facebook Workshop.
  • Produced a Twitter Basics Workshop.
  • Had an amazing weekend with best friend and our little ones.
  • Submitted proposals to prospective clients.
  • Fulfilled 1 Assignment for Jake.


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