“Life is full of risks, and the direction of life can be altered in one way or another depending on the choices we make.  For this assignment I want you to take a photograph of a risk that you have taken in your life.  Maybe its a career change, or divorce, or maybe it was something you did as a teenager.  Whatever it is, I want you to show us in a photograph.”

~Jake Johnson

Wellllllll, I am taking a risk posting this image, not photo … umpteen days late too! It is the very risk I share that has me achieving more than I ever thought I physically could and putting my creative expression on the back burner. I kept holding out that I would receive inspiration for a ‘photo’ to represent the BIGGEST risk of my life, and I have tackled some doosies … only to finally accept this creation of mine is appropriate! I worked with a graphic designer to make this logo and although it was done months ago, I declare it fulfills the assignment.

All Mentoring Matters is something I have been speaking into existence for nearly a year now and is the focus of the Team Management & Leadership Program for entrepreneurs I started the end of February. As part of the program, and a powerful means to focus our training and development, we create a Game in The World … mine is All Mentoring Matters! I am in the process of crafting a website that manages all of the technological aspects of online mentoring, mentors mentors, brings online mentoring into the realm of everyday education, and builds powerful relationships online.

To learn more of the background story and about a few mentorships I’ve led here is a LINK.

I can’t express enough how very in the thick of launching this business I am … the miracle is, things are coming together beautifully! It truly never fails to move me, how when you are standing in the world for others … the universe provides.

It makes all my other risks seem like child’s play … and I am a professional ‘risk’ taker. Says the environmental geologist turned photographer and social media mentor. :o)


This image and Jenuine share are part of a Google+ Community I participate in that Jake Johnson leads … titled Assignment for Jake. A private space where ~30 photographers create images in response to assignments. I share all of mine publicly in addition to my activities within the community. If you want to follow along via email and ensure you don’t miss an assignment … subscribe to this blog.

All Mentoring Matters Logo