A few week’s back Jake Johnson had us sharing any photo we wanted in our Assignment for Jake Community and I took the opportunity to share the following. The concert was a huge success … we had well over 70 people, mainly families, in attendance and the church was filled with love and music!

WOW … so much going on over here! One of the benefits of having a Celtic Musician as a client is you get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style. I am not one to request photos with ‘celebrities’ … or have photos taken of me in general. This photo is waaaaay more to me. Geoffrey is not only a musician I respect, he and his wife have entrusted me to create their social media strategy to expand Geoffrey as a musician (http://geoffreycastle.com) and launch his wife Shannon’s AMAZING art online (http://www.shannoncastleart.com) … together they are Castle Art & Music. 

Over the course of this last weekend, Geoffrey released a new CD through a record label taking his electronic violin into the realm of Electronica as part of Fractal Music Works and the result is AWESOME … here’s a link to the single they performed at the sold out Kirkland Performance Art Center on Saturday evening. I will be sharing concert photos soon. 


Then on St. Patrick’s Day, I and my camera joined him for the CLASSIEST St. Patty’s Day Celebration I’ve ever experienced at Bake’s Place in downtown Bellevue. It was at intermission I and the band members worked together to create this photo. Again, I will be sharing more photos soon. My memory cards have been on fire!

The second photo I am sharing is the flyer I created for a benefit concert I am organizing with Geoffrey Castle performing … I am including my public share so you can get the full spectrum of what it is about:

Music Matters!

As some of you may know, I was a foster kid from age 10 – 18 … the first 10 years of my life were quite traumatic. Music was how I processed my emotions, I sang in choir everyday from age 10 on and it made all the difference. Kept me focused in school, united my energy in song with my classmates … it was better than any therapist I was sent to.

Since the day I graduated high school and became a ‘successful’ adult, I have had a dream of being able to give back. This project is a DREAM COME TRUE!!! And I don’t dream small … this performance will be legendary!

I am Jenuinely inviting YOU to join me in song and dance, in supporting an amazing cause of raising the astonishingly low 45% high school graduation rate of foster kids, and bringing my dream to reality.

A huge heartfelt thanks goes to Geoffrey Castle for being such a spectacular musician and a powerful stand for youth to have musical expression in their lives … not just by supporting this concert, he travels to high schools around the US for special assemblies. Yep, he’s that kindof wonderful too.

Can’t encourage you enough to watch this video to see how much of a difference the special folks at Treehouse make for local foster kids: http://bit.ly/1kFgkCB

This event is hosted by the loving members of my Family Covenant Circle at East Shore Unitarian Church and it is through community that 100% of the proceeds go to support foster kids having access to musical expression!

I would also like to thank the Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Program for providing me the tools and support to create this concert. It is through my participation at Landmark that I have redefined what is possible in my life!!!


This image and Jenuine share are part of a Google+ Community I participate in that Jake Johnson  leads … titled Assignment for Jake. A private space where ~30 photographers create images in response to assignments. I share all of mine publicly in addition to my activities within the community. If you want to follow along via email and ensure you don’t miss an assignment … sign up in the right column.

St Patty's with Geoffrey Castle

Music Matters!


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