The month of March here in the Pacific Northwest came in like a lion and roared the whole way through. I was so busy everyday, those relationships that didn’t empower me … fell away effortlessly. My body was pushed to the level of 60+ hrs work/week, years ago when I used to work similar hours as an environmental geologist all my health conditions made the experience PAINFUL. The worst that happened was I got REALLY sick with the flu and my pain flared up for two days … an absolute miracle! This month I upped my game, to dizzily high heights, had me out on the skinny branches of leadership/life and surprised myself in the process. When I read the completions for March, I am left speechless and I know April will be more of the same … good-bye little me, hello leader.

As I step into April … I let go of:

Being afraid of asking for help.
Not sharing my life with others.
Financial scarcity.

I intend to manifest:

A team supporting my creations.
Date nights.
Strong Abs.

March 2014’s Completions:

  • Continued Physical Therapy … re-aligned spine and hips.
  • Hosted Music Matters! FB Event
  • Became Social Media Strategy Leader for Global Team Management and Leadership Program.
  • Began mentoring a client to create a Network Marketing Training Community.
  • Got a 100% clean bill of health from a full physical.
  • Acquired 2 Business Mentors for All Mentoring Matters Game in the World.
  • Met Milestone for my Game in the World.
  • Photographed a St. Patty’s Celebration and CD Release Concert.
  • Was the Course Manager Apprentice for an Advance Communication Course in Portland.
  • Fulfilled 3 Assignments for Jake.



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April 2014


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