Phew … 4 days into March this time, better than last month! WOW, February was expansive and just 4 days into this month and I have already doubled what I achieved. I have officially broke through letting my ‘reasons’ get in the way of action. I have gained so much on my metaphorical plate, my reasons don’t fit. By that I mean … I am living into my word, not acknowledging my reasons for truth, and taking actions that support what I am committed to. How? By embracing my team members I became close to during our Team Management and Leadership weekend. I am not only supported by a powerful group of ~30 in Seattle and Portland, I have a committed colleague and a coach. I have created All Mentoring Matters as my Game in The World for my year long participation on TEAM 1 and already have two partners toward the 6 I am creating to fulfill on raising funds to launch the business. There is no ‘just getting by’ goin on over here!!! As my shares for the Assignment for Jake Community show … life is filled with LOVE. The only intention for February that failed to be fulfilled was my Intentional Planner in PDF format and it was just the other day I uncovered what was stopping me … the design didn’t match with how I’ve been using it and after a revision that will streamline the planner, I will re-publish and create the PDF. I can’t wait for what March brings …

As I step into March … I let go of:

Relationships that fail to empower me.
What I believe my body is capable of.
Playing smaller than I know myself to be.

I intend to manifest:

An intern.
Powerful contribution to local foster kids.
Greater community.

February 2014’s Completions:

  • Transformed my personal conversation around stress.
  • Healed acne/red sores on face, that I’ve had since I was 15 yrs old.
  • Started Physical Therapy … learning ‘no pain, no gain.’
  • Created Music Matters! FB Event
  • Invited to join a private community of amazing Ladies who are transforming their health.
  • Invited to join Pixativity Directory.
  • Began sharing content creation posts on Just Jenuine Creations.
  • Powerfully attended my first Team Management and Leadership Weekend in Orange County, CA.
  • Became Website Accountable for Pacific Northwest TEAM..
  • Won Performance Skit Award at Landmark Seattle Center Assisting Meeting.
  • Acquired two partners in All Mentoring Matters Game in The World.
  • Fulfilled 2 Assignments for Jake.



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