This is a follow up to my Assignment for Jake :: Today’s Feeling … which was ENLIGHTENMENT!

While the rest of the participants in my Assignment for Jake Community were sharing celebrations of the Joy in Winter, Jake gave me this …

“I loved your heart image from the last assignment. The cracks made it appear to be shattered, but the whole heart was still in tact. What a message it was. But I knew your story. What about someone that does not know your past. Would they make the same connection?

I want you to take that heart out of your studio setting and use it in a real life setting. A setting that would help someone understand the image better. Something that adds to the story. How can you take that heart and tie it to your life?”

~Jake Johnson

It took a bit of pondering for me to achieve a vision … one that summarizes the moment my heart becomes whole. An instance of pure Love. An experience that completely represents the moments of when no matter life’s occurrences … my heart fuses back together. A state of pure Enlightenment … where my story is no longer relevant. When I had the vision, I knew contrary to the assignment leaving the studio was not necessary … I need only bring the element of my life into the studio. I did require a tripod though and after conversation with a friend, I secured one for a weekend. My daughter was angelic in my white turtle neck … and the post processing came together to fulfill my message beautifully.

A self thought quote:

“One day someone is going to love you so entirely, that all your broken pieces will stick back together!”

No matter what my past may be … to my daughter, I am whole. My love is complete. A gift to treasure. My Valentine.

Thank you Jake!!!


This image and Jenuine share are part of a Google+ Community I participate in that Jake Johnson  leads … titled Assignment for Jake. A private space where ~30 photographers create images in response to assignments. I share all of mine publicly in addition to my activities within the community. If you want to follow along via email and ensure you don’t miss an assignment … sign up in the right column.

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