It strikes me as entirely ironic I am ten days late publishing my February Intentions, especially when I look back at the first item I listed on what I am intending to let go of this month. I have MANY reasons, most of which center around how I wanted to release my pdf version at the same time as this share … yet am no where near complete with it. It never ceases to amaze me how I fail to be in action, simply because I have a bigger vision/product in mind that doesn’t come to be at the ‘right’ time, and instead of doing what there is to do … I put off the doing until it’s too late to be done.  I become Frozen in Time. Well, not this time! I am completely committed to publishing my Intentional Planner … be it ‘on time’ or not. So here are February 2014’s Intentions …

As I step into February … I let go of:

All the ‘reasons’ I use to justify inaction.
My tendency to do it alone.
Just getting by!

I intend to manifest:

My Intentional Planner in a downloadable pdf.
Stress as Love.

January 2014’s Completions:

  • Donated to
  • Setup photography studio.
  • Listed daughter’s used clothes for sale.
  • Scheduled MANY Dr.’s appointments with MDs to reassess health conditions.
  • Began planning Intentional Planner Application.
  • Started a 1 day/week Social Media Strategist position at client’s office.
  • Signed contract for Geoffrey Castle to perform at the Music Matters! Benefit Concert for local foster kids to have access to musical instruments and lessons.
  • Completed All Mentoring Matters Logo.
  • Finished Just Jenuine Creations Facebook Page.
  • Had family visiting for 3 days.
  • Healed from a cold and the flu.
  • Secured flights for 5 weekend conferences for the next year on the Team Management and Leadership Program at Landmark.
  • Fulfilled 2 Assignments for Jake.



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