“Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light.”

Groucho Marx

We had a blast in the Assignment for Jake Community with this assignment!!! On January 13th Jake handed out these instructions … “At the end of your day today, I want you to look back and think about the emotion that you spent most of your day in.  Did you feel joy, or pain, or greed, or content.  Once you have figured out the emotion that you have spent most of your time feeling, I want you to show us in a photograph.  But there is a twist.  You have to show us using a inanimate object. In other words, no people in your photograph.” We as a community took it a step further and didn’t post our emotion, we let everyone guess.

Thank you Jake!!!

Here’s the photo I shared with only the quote at the top … can you guess my emotion that day? 

Guess The Emotion


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Jen Baptist
Jen Baptist


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