It dawned on me today … February 2014’s Intentions are due next week and I haven’t directly shared a link to my planner since December. How helpful is that? Geez Jen!

It was in reviewing the post from before Christmas, that I discovered an intention I hadn’t delivered on. DOH! I set that I would offer a pdf version to fill in electronically, share with people via social media, AND at the end of the year publish a hard copy via Blurb. Guess I know what will be on next week’s intentions. This giving your word and living up to what you say is tricky business. Having a space to capture it is handy … glad I thought of it ;o).

I also found having the journal open on my desk and capturing what I say (intentions), what I do (filled in by day), and my weekly completions is VERY empowering. It was startling to flip back through the weeks revealing how much I’ve accomplished and the powerful actions taken. The experience has officially dismissed the voice in my mind that claims I am not doing enough. I can now declare I’ve successfully let go of what I shared in January 2014’s Intentions. WOW … what a new found state of freedom!!!

If you want a printed copy for your desk you can order directly from

In the next couple months I really look forward to taking this to a weekly interval … and am still actively seeking people to join me to do the same within my Intentional Living Communities located on Google+ and Facebook.

Please consider joining us, 2014 is going to be an amazing year!


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