As part of today’s sharing within our Assignment for Jake Community, he gave me a poignant realization of just how much I have transformed as an artist within the last year. I can’t recommend watching this video by Zack Arias to every online artist, writer, musician, creative … enough! I first came across it a year ago, in the winter, no less … it resonated with me so strongly, I balled my eyes out. For I too felt as if I was struggling to measure up and this year when the universe delivered it to me again … I received it with a heart that has embraced the journey. Being a visual person, while watching I was transported back to where I was in creating myself as an artist a year ago and repeatedly found my mind comparing myself-to-myself … what I uncovered was a huge transformation and I was overwhelmed with a sense of joy. I have so much to be grateful for and experiences such as this only multiply that!

Thank you Jake Johnson!!!