When the assignment to share what we intend to do differently in 2014 arrived, my mind went in 5 different directions … and the one I share was not among them! I pondered how to capture going to an MD to assess my conditions for the first time in nearly 15 years … jumping on a trampoline … hiking more … sharing personal stuff/conversing more online … requesting surgery to repair the damage from my pregnancy 7 yrs ago … I could go on and on. Then last weekend, while doing the dishes this angel twinkled her little star at me from the window’s ledge and I was struck with inspiration! This year I am going to set up and use my studio!!! I have never done it before. I have had the gear for YEARS and have let bunches of other items clutter my garage to the point where a studio wouldn’t fit. This assignment, and that little star I REALLY wanted to set as my first subject, spurred me into serious action.

In order to place my studio where it needed to be, I had to address a stack of bags and boxes of all my daughter’s old clothes. I have been on the fence about them. I need the money they would provide from their sale and am single wondering if the next relationship I enter into will include my having more kids. The reality is having more kids is not what I want, physically they would be a challenge with all my health conditions, and I have a severe aversion to having two baby daddy’s in my life. So I not only set up this studio, I arranged and took pictures of all the clothes, then listed them for sale online! Way to kick a girl into action Jake Johnson!

As I said, all of this happened last weekend … it took the rest of the week to complete the photos, along with many other tasks to grow my business, due to stabbing pain in my back. This assignment was perfect for the intentions I set forth for January (http://bit.ly/1lJn3as). These last few weeks I have been experiencing greater pain than I have had in a very long time, as a result of an increase in activity and this assignment gave me the impetus to do more than I had planned. I am doing surprising well with the pain, am still in action, haven’t dived back into bed as I would’ve in the past … and am overall impressed with my stamina. I am not fighting it’s existence, nor letting myself get mentally/emotionally wrapped up in it’s impact … just peacefully acknowledging it’s presence and continuing on at a healthy pace.

I do have to admit, I am not doing as well with my intention to let go of my high expectations and believing what I do is not ‘good enough’. The photo of the garage looks amateur to me, which I am, so why it bothers me I don’t know … and the macro of the orchid doesn’t sing to my heart strings enough. I am positive I could take better photos, and yet, time and other commitments have brought me to the deadline for this assignment … which means I haven’t truly let go, only that I honor my word. Doh! Well, I have a couple more weeks in January to work on that intention.

Thank you Jake!!!

Studio Setup!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


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