Is the story I have been listening to inside my head since I made the announcement on my birthday nearly two years ago ( to donate 20% of ALL my print sales through my online store at Fine Art America ( to . I am not disappointed that I haven’t raked in the dough it would seem a ‘professional photographer’ would be making … no, I have been holding out til I could make a contribution that might bring about real change! Well, this New Years I thwacked myself upside the forehead and acknowledged what I have to give WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE, so I added up all my sales and made the first of a lifetime of donations to .

Much thanks to four loving appreciators of my art … your purchases contributed to safe water throughout the world.


This action was taken in fulfillment of letting go of “never believing what I do is ‘good’ enough” … as part of this month’s intentions found here: January 2014’s Intentions

2014 Donation to