Okay, this Mission took a long time for me. I drug my heels like never before, had the commitments in my life exponentially explode (in a positive way), and got to have a breakthrough in grasping although my body demanded more rest/therapy than usual (might as well be honest… I lost use of my right arm due to pain) it does not mean I am broken. To take it a step further, I published these photos in my mentorship community over three weeks ago and it’s time to publish Mission 5… so although the thought of sharing them public still stifles me, here it goes.

At the source of my discontent… I kept having this nagging feeling I was doing something WRONG (ironically, the story of my life… another breakthrough whoo hooo). Now I know what was at the root of my unease… a series Jen, you were suppose to do a series. Dang, duh! Instead of implementing that ideal, I took the assignment as an opportunity to dig into what few folders I had imported into Lightroom to find a diverse range of the types of photos I’ve taken and PLAY with them. Something I’ve never done. And although I was limited to free downloads for presets and still haven’t figured out an alternative application to run cool filters on and/or learned those nifty tricks in Photoshop… I did the best I could to dink around with the FEEL of images I had fallen in love with as I had first created them. Some emotions I had during the process were… ‘WOW! Cool, yet HELL NO!’ all the way to ‘Did my heart just melt? I swear it melted… I never knew it could look that beautiful.’

To say this mission rocked my photographic expression is an understatement… and I mean that in the nicest way.

Ron‘s instructions were to present One Image – 4 Specific Ways. I organized them in order of Collage – RAW – B&W – Color Enhanced – Filtered/Artistic… more for effect, than anything else. I completed four and I have my favorites… I’m just not gonna tell, until you do.

Tiger Wings - Collage

Tigar Wings - RAW

Tigar Wings - B&W

Tigar Wings - Color Enhanced

Tigar Wings - Filtered/Artistic

Lovely Leaf - Collage

Lovely Leaf - RAW

Lovely Leaf - B&W

Lovely Leaf - Color Enhanced

Lovely Leaf - Filtered/Artistic

Shine On - Collage

Shine On - RAW

Shine On - B&W

Shine On - Color Enhanced

Shine On - Filtered/Artistic

Seattle Sights - Collage

Seattle Sight - RAW

Seattle Sight - B&W

Seattle Sight - Color Enhanced

Seattle Sight - Filtered/Artistic


Contact for Downloads

Jen Baptist
Jen Baptist


***Any use of photos without release from artist is copyright infringement and subject to fees/penalties … licensing options outlined here.***

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