To deepen our mentorship’s discussion around ‘focus’, Ron shared the story of his teacher placing him inside a refrigerator box… no joke, he was/did, ask him to tell you the story. He shared how focus is commonly a struggle for creatives and drew an analogy between mental focus and camera focus… how we’ve come to believe a ‘good’ picture is ‘as sharp as possible’ and that brought to mind the bubbles we ALL live in. How now more than ever, we create our own realities, place ourselves inside a bubble with a few key strokes, Google searches, and POOF everything we believe comes to be… yet it all lacks clarity. So of course being me, I took the analogy further and challenged my camera/photography skills to focus on the symbols I use to find mental clarity through BUBBLES.

Unlike other creatives (maybe)… I had to be taught to ‘let go’, to surrender to the distractions. I still don’t do that so terribly well. Being a single mom and building a business, although infrequent, there are times I am neck deep in concentration and I cried the day my daughter finally GOT it when I shared how it can be painful to break away from what I am focusing on… we agreed, that any time I was in that state I would say ‘brain block’ and she would know it had nothing to do with her as to why I could not turn my attention away from what I was doing.

In school I developed amazing organizational skills to give me the freedom to focus on the moment, I sat in the back of the class, took the whole scene in like a snapshot… I got things. My teachers loved me, my classmates marveled, and I commonly sat in silence begging the class to FOCUS so we could move on to the ‘good’ stuff. I doodled, wrote notes to friends, even did my homework, not out of distraction, just boredom, and then when I couldn’t take it any longer… I raised my hand and filled in the gaps with opening statements like; ‘so Mr. Cromley, did you mean… blah, blah, blah’ and prod the discussion along with; ‘and, what about…’ Yeah, I was THAT kid… please don’t hate me.

Not to loose focus on the topic of this mission… I crafted a niffty set for my treasures I aspired to capture, I used a 10-gallon empty fish tank placed on it’s side on my kitchen counter, and aquarium lights to keep my shutter speeds within a blink of an eye and my ISO’s down low. I intentionally had my aperture set to ‘eyes wide open’ and I challenged myself to switch between auto and manual focus without looking… can you say ‘awkward’? I took notes as I went of what each capture enlightened and named each photo accordingly. Being someone who is comfortable ‘breakin the rules’ I didn’t balk at using the LCD screen exclusively given the angle I was working at… and used my arms as a pseudo-tripod resting against the tank.

I am pleasantly surprised at the results… and although Ron walked us through creative sharpening via post processing, I have to admit, that’s where this mission’s bubble burst. I have much more growth in that skill set and share knowing if I were to actually hang these in a gallery, I would focus better on sharpening the bubbles… is that even possible? Ron?

Have Faith in IT

Have Faith in IT

Distorted Balance

Distorted Balance

Possibility Will Be Between Two I’s

Possibility Exists Between Two I's

May The Lie In What You Believe Be Turned On It’s Head

May The Lie In Your Belief Be Turned On Its Head

Fall In Love

Fallen In Love

Angel Swirls Within

Angel Swirls Within


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Jen Baptist
Jen Baptist


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