As some of you may be aware… I am an environmental geologist, who while embracing my physical disabilities, transformed my life into a nature photographer. What you may not know though, is that in addition to developing my photography skills, I am aiming to grow my business into becoming a social media coach/mentor and much more.

In order to powerfully create the life I desire, I crafted a planner as a tool for intentional living. In the world where my time commitments quite conveniently exist in the electronic ether, I discovered I needed a sacred space to express that which I desired to manifest in my life; to document the significant occurrences, triumphs, losses; a marker of dates that I wanted to celebrate and/or remember; and a record of the journey one intentional year of life can create.

So I combined one of my many passions of ‘jen’uinely capturing the beauty of the world in photographs and sharing the image with thought provoking quotes into an Intentional Planner.

After feedback from many within my everyday life, I am offering it as a resource to others…

2013 Intentional Planner

To take it that extra step further… I came up with the idea that in addition to writing my intentions into a personal planner, I ought to create an Intentional Living Community. A space where others can share their weekly intentions, accomplishments, and empower many in what they are out to manifest in their lives via community.

If you aspire to live your life intentionally, please consider joining the…

Intentional Living Community on G+

2013 Intentional Planner

Responses Welcome...

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