Habits… we’ve all got’m. Rather than share all the ones I have, the ones I like, the ones I make wrong, I will instead dive right into the one selected for development through this program… my voice. Somewhere along the way through life, I lost my written voice. Don’t get me wrong, its silence served me well in my environmental report writing and emails with engineers, yet in the process left me personally unexpressed. Now I have full freedom in the world to share, both literally and figuratively, and expressing is the hardest part.

Ron Clifford is 100% right, you have to ‘just do it’ for ‘nothing changes… if nothing changes’, and ‘focus on the focus’. Intentional habits not only take that extra effort to get moving, they also require a surrender… a surrender to the uncomfortableness of doing and just doing. Intentional doing, the kind where you find the action that will make the change, conquer your personal resistance, disregard the resistance of others, and DO. Coincidentally, that theme is active in my life in general. I have begun strengthening those muscles and even went as far as creating an Intentional Planner, showcasing my photography, appropriate quotes, leading questions, with space to express my intentions in life and am going to offer it to others. I just uploaded the final draft to self-publish, have a proof copy on order, and in the near future I plan to offer it to the public.

When it comes to the ‘doing’ of photography, I couldn’t be more focused. The day I decided I wanted to pursue photography in July of 2010, I enrolled in a local community college class that had us take our DSLR camera/manual to ‘learn’ the features, and since that class I have taken close to 40K pictures. I have developed the habit of climbing into another dimension when I am shooting, although there are times my eyes are looking around without the camera lens before them, I am still seeing the world through that eye. I have a clear vision of what I hope to create and simultaneously keep myself open to what presents. I am so tenaciously focused in the moment, in my camera, in the vision, I don’t have time and/or the inclination to look at the LCD screen, yet am constantly surprised at how amazing the results can be… I consider each a gift. Don’t get me wrong, I do look when I adjust my exposure compensation, I have to, the results don’t show in my viewfinder, only post capture in my LCD. So I take occasional peeks to fine tune my eye… all it takes is a couple glances at each level to have a ‘feel’ for what each point creates and I am set. Beyond that I pick my priority, shutter or aperture, and the rest is intuitive magic.

For this mission I seized the opportunity of a couple hours to enter the dimension of a winter frozen foggy day. I went to a local park and explored… walking away with almost 1,000 captures. I knew I wanted to exploit the fog in the bokeh, play with the sun shining through it, and was a giddy-school-girl at the discovery of each new frozen waterdrop. I don’t own a ‘decent’ tripod, never’ve even seen a monopod, and have a shooting style that resembles a persistent butterfly… so everything was captured ‘by hand’ and boy did those ‘hands’ hurt afterwards. Although many were breathtaking straight out of camera and prior to last fall I would’ve shared them proudly without post-processing, I did process all of them a bit to create more of the feeling I was present to in the moment and bring them closer to my vision.

I jenuinely hope you enjoy my Frozen Fog Series

Winter Drops

Frozen Decay

Joined In The Fall

Lichen The Cold


Contact for Downloads

Jen Baptist
Jen Baptist


***Any use of photos without release from artist is copyright infringement and subject to fees/penalties … licensing options outlined here.***

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