Final Post…

I have to be jenuine and say… the G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers ended WEEKS ago… yet as life would have it be, the piece that signified the ‘now’ that the program helped me become did not arrive until yesterday. A huge part of my mentorship was Ron Clifford‘s introduction to Lightroom, he offered some minor instruction, and empowered not only the quality of my photos… he gave me a new perspective on ‘workflow’. Although if I were to be completely authentic, the biggest shift in my photography occurred that final assignment, when I got back behind the camera to capture the heart’s-n-soul’s of those people that matter in my life… and this, my final assignment (albit late), showcases some of those people.

Quite literally on the very day Lightroom arrived on my doorstep to be installed (a belated birthday gift from a dear friend), I stepped out the door to perform in the role of a ‘professional photographer’… and I could not have been capturing a better group of people/musicians. It may come as a surprise to some that one of my many indulgences in life is to sing & dance and I frequent an Irish pub to express that side of me. Coincidentally, right before my birthday last summer I came across an amazing Celtic Night experience and fast became acquainted with the musicians. They too were artists working to make it in the world and this mentorship opened my eyes to the realization I missed capturing PEOPLE… and that right before my eyes was a means to use my newly found talents to give back to a group of men who graciously created a sacred space for me to dance, sing, & smile my cares away.

It was the amazing generosity of the photographer community that helped enlighten me to my fullest potential, they so powerfully adopted the mentality of lifting those around you higher, that by working together each had a greater chance for success, they helped me become more jenuine… so as part of this final assignment, I set out to spread some of that in the world’s of those that have given me so much in song & dance. Therefore, last night for no other reason than I care… I performed the role of ‘professional photographer’ for a group of men who deserve to soar!

And today I used Lightroom for the first time to produce my final post introducing…

Geoffrey Castle
Dan Connolly
Eric Robert
Performing at Bake’s Place Bellevue
Full album on Facebook.


Contact for Downloads

Jen Baptist
Jen Baptist


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