Mission 3… Perspective

When I accepted this week’s G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers challenge from Ron Clifford on ‘perspective’ I had no idea of where it would take me… little did I know it would take me through time. I had been tasked with finding a unique point of view that enhanced elements in a picture, to guide my viewer on a journey through and with my images, to exaggerate/add drama, and most importantly to shoot things from a different perspective.

As events aligned I found myself free on Monday night, with chatter on Facebook mentioning the possibility of a beautiful sunset, I was transported back nearly three years when MY journey began… the night I watched the sun set and knew my life was never going to be the same. As per the custody agreement drafted in the days prior I had to leave the house for the evening, I had just returned from my dad’s bedside as he died, and work was letting me go without warning and/or cause… so I found a park to visit the sea, a place to rest my head as I cried.

Many times over these last few years I returned to this view, have captured great skies, men fishing with their young boys by the final rays of sunlight, birds in flight, etc… all while the waves soothed my soul and tears fell from my eyes. In that time I transitioned my daughter’s life into two happy homes, maintained a healthy relationship with her father, built a business/became an artist, came to accept my physical disabilities, and transformed how I viewed the world around me.

When I returned this last Monday, I was tasked with taking a new look and although the cloudless sky spoke of little drama my new eyes saw much potential. I put myself at sea level, deepened the tone of my camera, and played with the sun. As I sought out the perfect sun stars, I reflected back on all of the lenses we view life through and the fences that surround our hearts, the beauty of grass blowing in the wind, and the simplicity of the light on the sea. With every powerful image that displayed on my camera’s screen, I saw a new perspective, found a beautiful expression of what it takes to transform one’s soul, and was grateful for everything this journey brought to my life.

May we all be blessed with a new perspective and remember…

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Anaïs Nin


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Jen Baptist
Jen Baptist


***Any use of photos without release from artist is copyright infringement and subject to fees/penalties … licensing options outlined here.***

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