Mission 2… Depth of Focus

Which drastically shifts the focus of life here in Seattle and although the weather was PERFECT, it has me firing this week’s G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers top four off later than ideal. Ironically, the common theme among our mentorship group was a compete lack of focus, somehow the assignment to selectively focus with a large aperture, to use the focal point of an image to tell a story, etc. universally became blurred by our lives.

For me the first contradiction arrived with America’s celebration of independence. Although Ron Clifford‘s tips to capture great fireworks had my camera at the other end of the desired aperture settings, I tried not to completely loose focus… I captured as much of the lights reflected in the lake water as possible and gained more experience with shooting outside my comfort zone (i.e. aperture wide open).

As a bonus, my daughter got a lesson in focus too… she learned to focus on the beauty. For the last several years we’ve been going to a little-known lake-side park that is positioned close to a private display of fireworks. Until this year my daughter was always very ‘scared’, but this time with her noise reduction headphones in place, she shared just how beautiful they were… she had successfully shifted her focus from the physical feeling to the visual feeling and I was sooooo proud of her.

Up next was my family covenant circle pool party at my place, my naivete had me thinking capturing the experience with a wide open aperture would bring the water activities to life… until I lost focus with being a polite host. The small quantity of captures were challenged by direct sunlight and my concentrating on interacting with my extended family.

The next mission we’re working on perspective… looking forward to where that takes me.


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Jen Baptist
Jen Baptist


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