As a representation of where my creative eye has me at the start of this mentorship, I share this photo captured in April… it was one of many I’ve taken recently that have my camera all up in the grill of the neighborhood flowers, aperture wide-open, shutter on auto, white balance set for cloudy (‘cuz it is the Pacific NW after all), ISO as low as can go, and much fiddling with the exposure compensation to keep the colors deep (sometimes too dark, yet fitting to my mood, so I rolled with it). All were taken tripod-free (honestly, I haven’t successfully used a tripod, so that’s my whole portfolio to this point) and I didn’t even hesitate to shoot when the shutter speed dropped to 1/20… I know, I’m such a rebel. ;o)

So there ya have it… next it’s back to AUTO, joy, joy! Making subjects want to wither and hide… is my specialty. Thanks for the ‘gimme’ this round Ron Clifford, can’t ya see it in this camellia’s eyes, or was it a wink? I will let you decide.


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Jen Baptist
Jen Baptist


***Any use of photos without release from artist is copyright infringement and subject to fees/penalties … licensing options outlined here.***


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