We Create Our World Online …

We live online. We connect to friends, to communities, to family online. Never before have our online identities and personal lives been so interconnected. Employers look at our Facebook and family members connect with us on LinkedIn. We are all continually creating ourselves and our lives in the digital realm.

What are you creating?

We at Just Jenuine Creations believe that digital communities and online identities can be created intentionally and with purpose. We believe that online communities can be places that inspire you, that bring you closer in ‘real life’, that challenge your comfort zones, that appreciate your vision, that support you in achieving your greatness. We can help you to connect to these types of communities … and to create them for yourself and others on any platform, at any time.

We know from experience how having a mentor’s guidance in creating these communities can produce exponential results. From Jen Baptist’s history of being mentored, mentoring others in social media, and many years developing an online business … she has perfected a system for living intentionally online that manifests dreams into reality.  And, Jen’s mentoring team at Just Jenuine Creations has gathered together a treasure trove of creative solutions for all online endeavors.

With our mentoring, you too can create the life you want for yourself, community, and/or business with intention and velocity. You can create greater connection within your communities, establish your subject matter expertise, turn followers into genuine clients/connections, and truly master the tools of creating an authentically successful online persona, community, and/or business.

The team at Just Jenuine Creations mentors individuals, communities, and businesses to:

  • enrich connections in their lives,
  • express their authentic voice,
  • create websites that are their genuine expression,
  • develop online strategies that fulfill their purpose,
  • streamline network settings for greater efficiency of time,
  • form successful networking relationships,
  • design structures for effective online collaboration, and
  • bring their intentions to life!

For convenience and greater results, Just Jenuine Creations offers online mentorship programs that are flexible to your location/schedule, provide a virtual classroom, create a supportive level of accountability, and bring community to the experience. They are powerfully designed and led, with the intention of giving you a community of like-minded individuals that will take you, your business, or community to the next level. All programs include a Mastermind component.

Jenuine Testimonials

Jen Baptist is an incredible marketer, designer, leader, and collaborative partner. I worked with Jen during the time she built the Team Management and Leadership Program website. She is a generous and kind-hearted visionary who is committed to the end goal, is persistent in driving real results, is a valuable leader and team player, and is a blast to work with throughout the entire process! If you get the chance to work with Jen, do it!!

Sonja Price – Change Management Leader

Sonja Price

Jen is driven, proactive and responsible. She is unbelievably dedicated to her customers, clients and teammates. I highly recommend you be involved with Jen with whatever opportunity presents itself!

John Herbeck – Real Estate Sales

John Herbeck

I know Jen as a talented Photographer and Social Media Mentor. If you are into photography you’ll find her to be very helpful if you are trying to help spread (or learn) your craft via Social Media.

Ronnie Bincer – The Hangout Helper

Ronnie Bincer

Jen is a world-class breath of fresh air! She has the presence to be in front of large audiences, think on her feet, offer new perspectives, and do it all with a sense of humor. She is an online guru, a master of presenting one’s story so that it travels beyond the context in which it was born in and becomes relevant to people everywhere.

John Godbey – Real Estate Broker

John Godbey

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Jen in several environments and always found her to be a joy to work with and highly professional. I look forward to another project with her in the very near future!

Scott Gorcester – CEO at VirtualQube

Scott Gorcester

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